WTF Fest – Looks like a good time, doesn’t it?

You want to be a part of it?

Maybe you know our reputation for promoting the fuck outta stuff and want to climb on board.

Step Right Up!

We have great ways to sponsor, and we offer a sliding scale for all those small businesses out there.

Newspaper - We will be printing 30,000 newspapers to distribute in the Pacific Northwest.

The paper will feature articles about the artists involved, their work and information about the tour. It will definitely be a collector’s item  - We have seen our newspapers from previous events selling on eBay for $40-50, seriously. Not to mention all of the eyes that will be looking at your ad, we get our papers in the hands of many, and into every nook and cranny across America.

Want to know more? Contact us through our facebook fan page or our twitter account.

Tour Sponsorship - Want to see our performers wearing your shirts, shoes, drinking your brand of water, or driving your car? Let us know, we can accommodate, we are underground and we probably need dental work, so we will consider your offer. If it is something that doesn’t make us all ill, or totally go against our politics, we will discuss it and make a decision.

**As the folks planning and perpetrating these events, we ask that any questions about WTF be sent our way… Feel free to contact us through our facebook fan page or our twitter account.

Please, consider throwing the WTF kickstarter campaign a bone. Our goal is to raise funds to cover our very basic costs, so we can present a show for the people, by the people.