Here is a list of needs we have – If you can help, please hit us up through our twitter and/or facebook accounts.

Most of these NEEDS will go away if our kickstarter deal works out, that being said…

- Kickstarter: Donate, big. If lack of money is standing in the way, you could always help us spread the word… pass the link around, more than once, write something about the event and encourage others to get involved… this is probably the single most important kind of help we could get, continuous kickstarter help.


- Lodging:  If the kickstarter deal isn’t as succesful as we need, we’ll need a roof over head when we pass through, a host of sorts… if you’re in, let us know.  I can tell you, it’ll be the greatest dinner party/sleep over you’ve ever hosted… We will sing for our supper and leave you with gifts to boot.

We’d love to hear any and all offers… So, let’s talk! And, even if the kickstarter deal does work, we’d rather stay with real folk in a real home.

- A/V club folks:  We need a screen and projector to show short video clips.

- Street Team:  Anyone willing and wanting to print and post flyers? We can never have enough help in the spreading of propaganda.

**As the folks planning and perpetrating these events, we ask that any questions about WTF be sent our way… Feel free to contact us through our facebook fan page or our twitter account.

Please, consider throwing the WTF kickstarter campaign a bone. Our goal is to raise funds to cover our very basic costs, so we can present a show for the people, by the people.