The INTENT of  WTF is to offer up a venue and support for the creative class to gather, to conspire, to scream and shout, to speak out, speak to and possibly inspire. The time has come for an event to speak the words on the lips of the citizens of this nation, this event gives a voice to the street-wise, the self educated, the struggling, the wizards that the establishment tries to silence, and the fiercely independent.

To be political without being pawns for more of the same – We gather to inspire change by showing what an un-leashed creative mind can do, can say, act and fight back. Maybe even show folks they can do what they want, they can live their lives on their terms.

When the opportunity arose to bring these amazing artists and thinkers to work and perform together – Three generations of outspoken, underground icons! We knew this HAD to happen, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

**As the folks planning and perpetrating these events, we ask that any questions about WTF be sent our way… feel free to contact us thru our facebook fan page or our twitter account.

Please, consider throwing the WTF kickstarter campaign a bone. Our goal is to raise funds to cover our very basic costs, so we can present a show for the people, by the people.