“..brave and brazen…” says SF Weekly.

Esmerelda Strange was born in a broken down 20 foot box truck lined with purple cardboard fruit packing containers for soundproofing in the Bayview distict of San Francisco CA. She had been inspired by the long tradition of one man bands in street performing, the circus, and rock and roll. Having no formal training in anything, but also inspired by every punk band ever, Esmerelda strapped an accordion to her chest, sat down on a friends drum kit and began writing and recording songs.

She wrote and performs the music for the Lifesize Mousetrap http://www.lifesizemousetrap.org, a 50,000 pound Rube Goldberg machine that resembles the classic children’s board game. She has also opened for and toured with Cyclecide, the worlds only punk rock Bicycle Carnival with pedal powered midway rides.

Esmerelda is the only one woman accordion playing one man band in the world (or at least on the internet.) Her solo shows are a mix of vaudeville, punk rock, and self help seminars. The topical matter of her songs ranges from explaining a lever to children to describing the benefits of cunnilingus to adults. She is most comfortable when filed in the category of WTF.

You can check out her music here:  http://esmereldastrange1.bandcamp.com

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