Shane and Amy Bugbee will be sharing video clips and extras from their documentary journey traveling America during the last election year.

The two are a married couple and 15 year collaborative team - creators of various music and art events, they were the first people to bring black metal to American soil, they created a festival to honor ‘A Christmas Story’ author Jean Shepherd in his hometown, were pioneers of streaming live audio on the internet, and moved easily into video blogging,  they once put on a book and art tour called the Angry White Male Tour.

The WTF Events continues their longtime goal to bring diverse people together for open communication about art and the society we live in.  One of the ties that bind the WTF artists and performers is they are all un-repentant in their expression, their life is their art, and their art is their life.

Shane and Amy have just completed a multi-media book that was inspired by their project ‘A Year at the Wheel’, in which they traveled the USA for a year talking to all kinds of people about all the topics people aren’t supposed to discuss – politics, religion, revolution and art.

Shane is currently following a passion for sculpture, he is a well known underground publisher of controversial books and videos, including several books written with convicted serial killers, he is a filmmaker, radio show host, creator of a gourmet sodapop company, his next project is finishing his never ending book about his youthful indiscretions.  Amy is presently working on a vanilla cookbook and a vanilla extract empire.

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