Ugly’s impressive roster of talents include painting, shock performance and modeling. She is a talented doll maker of dark and scary dolls which have appeared in museums, galleries, books and magazines. She is self taught, self reliant, and don’t make her angry! She is also a powerful voodoo priestess.

She is art, her life is art, everything Shyla does is art… and while she’s a tough and strong Cajun who takes no shit, she also cares for all the limping and sick critters that cross her path.  Some see this as odd, how one can be dark and still have a heart?  Sure, she may seem like a living breathing contradiction, but that’s just because of her open honesty and understanding of other realms. She lives a genuine life.

UGLY SHYLA will be appearing at ALL Pacific NW WTF Dates:

April 22nd – EUGENE, OREGON


April 27th – ASTORIA, OREGON

April 28th & 29th – SEATTLE, WASHINGTON

UGLY’s site:

Here’s a video Shane & Amy made of Ugly Shyla 4 years ago during the last election cycle:

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