There are plenty more artists of every kind that will be participating in WTF in the Pacific Northwest. Here is a sampling, keep checking back for new additions.

Sean Schock 

Artist and musician hailing form Eugene, Oregon. Sean is one of the most sought after artists in the country for amazing poster art and illustrations. His work has appeared on concert posters and CDs all over the world! Undoubtedly, if you leave your house, or surf the web, you have probably seen his work.

He is also drummer in the influential doom trio known as HC Minds.

Here is his art blog:


Lonnie D. Wages

Singer, songwriter, and man of the world, Lonnie Wages has seen it all! From New Orleans bartender to Willie Nelson’s roadie. Lonnie has seen it all, he beat cancer, did time, and now is one of the Northwest’s most important advocates for marijuana legalization, working with cancer patients and others with debilitating diseases to ease their suffering.  You are certain to recognize some of his original songs as hits for a number of country legends.



Explode-A-Tron is comprised of JeffreyTron and JeremyTron, two dudes from rural towns who have been life long combatants of boredom and normality. They searched for other members for the first year or so of the conception of E-A-T, but candidates generally fell short, so E-A-T has proceeded and thrived as a two piece, releasing their first full length album, Rainbow Ass Laser Danger (2011) and gigging constantly, described as “a buffet of brutal experimental insanity” (Marshall Falcon, Roadrunner Studios). Explode-A-Tron’s war on boredom continues anyplace willing to trade beer for chaos, and they hope to see you there.


Bad Luck Blackouts

Blood-pumping and highly addictive, Bad Luck Blackouts hit the skate-punk scene hard after forming in Eugene, Oregon late 2010. This power trio is lead by their bassist and vocalist, Kyra Van Winkle, who’s strong melodic singing stays true to the styles of Bad Religion, The Distillers, and The Methodones. Midwest native, Johnny Kraft executes hard-hitting rhythms on drums, which suits any punk or heavy rocker.  Aaron Carlson’s guitar work and style completes Bad Luck Blackouts with the sounds and charms loyal to his Chicago roots. This new old-school punk band’s fast and dynamic tunes are super-charged, as the band’s 2011 self-titled EP proves.


Dingo Dizmal & Olive Rootbeer

Olive and Dingo met in 2008 in a Portland Park. Their passion for life entangled and they now work as partners. Together they are a powerhouse of fun, class and creative that the city of Portland has grown to love.

Olive Rootbeer: a bubbly, sweet lady with a colorful style and passionate heart. Doing visual and performance art for most of her youth was a big help to her life as an artist now. She lives and works in Portland as a balloon entertainer/face painter and as part time canvas artist and clown. Olive’s balloon art is out of this world!

Dingo Dizmal: an exuberant, comedian and long time Portland clown. He was also a circus revolutionary long before is was cool. (In fact, it seemed to be illegal). He has done shows on many of the stages in Portland and was the first to discover: police pepper spray doesn’t penetrate clown makeup! As a visual artist Dingo made the Celebrated Rubber Chicken paintings well known.


Bottleneck Blues Band

Bottleneck Blues Band is a journey through the history of blues music, taking the listener through a variety of blues genres, from Chicago to New Orleans, country to funky blues. Four veteran performers come together to explore the fundamentals of the music that is the Blues. Noah Bell, Devon Shazier, Mike Matthews and Seth Zowader, together all the emotions come to life and the classic grooves live again while Bottleneck is moving the dance floor.


Operation ID

What began as a duet between Ivan Arteaga (saxophone/clarinet) and Jared Borkowski (guitar) in a University of Washington basement quickly expanded to include Evan Woodle on drums and David Balatero on bass, playing improvisation-heavy, free jazz-influenced compositions. Rob Hanlon soon joined on keyboards. Their first album, Legs, released on Table & Chairs, reflects the changes that have occurred throughout the entirety of Operation ID’s first two years of existence.


William Ham

William Ham is an angry, morose, surly intellectual who hates everyone on the planet and most of all hates himself. This constant mode of disdain makes him a funny comedian – if you like that kind of humor, and a marvelous actor. He also claims to be a writer, but never answers messages. He may or may not have a drinking problem, it’s hard to tell.


Don Rock

Austin’s most important and independent poster artist. Don Rock, is the guy who influenced all other poster artists, but gets no credit because he takes no shit. Don Rock and Shane Bugbee will be collaborating on a number of art posters for the WTF events. Just remember Don will shoot you just for snoring.

Here’s one of his ventures, Chaos Card Co.: 


Flux Rostrum

The founder of Mobile Broadcast News, and the man behind the live feeds for the occupy protests. Flux has filmed the actions people need to see, he has reported the stories people need to know, he has fought tear gas, FBI, and even fought off cops to find his cat at the GOP convention last election and he found it! He gets the shot, and his work has appeared on Democracy Now!, Free Speech TV and in numerous film festivals around the world.

Check out his news service:


Alexa Wiley

Alexa Wiley is a singer songwriter and poet from Portland, Oregon. She is committed to making connections with her songwriting with local communities, and is involved in many other environmental causes. Alexa’s style is in the spirit of the folk tradition.  Her songs are a mix of poetry, country, rock, and folk. She will perform with Fisher Poet Dave Densmore at several of the Pacific Northwest WTF events.

Alexa’s Blog: 





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