The INTENT: WTF FEST is to offer up a venue and support for the creative class to gather, to conspire, to scream and shout, to speak up, speak out, and possibly inspire. To be political with out being pawns for more of the same  - We gather to inspire change by showing what an unleashed creative mind can do, can say, can act and can fight back. As some of you may know, events like this can be costly… especially if an artist is not already on tour.

Just think, that total is without the artists and performers making A DIME, so it would be nice if folks felt like giving a bit more, every dollar above the costs will be split evenly with all artists involved, and/or put into doing future shows in the Midwest and on the East Coast.
We have some super cool items to offer up as a thank you gifts and we’ll be adding more each week!!


For this event, funding is needed for airfare, gasoline, lodging, a/v rental, sound, marketing (print + digital), and performance fees… and if you take a second and look over our budget, you’ll see we’re asking for help with very basic expenses.
here is the direct link to our WTF kickstarter:


**As the folks planning and perpetrating these events, we ask that any questions about WTF be sent our way… Feel free to contact us through our facebook fan page or our twitter account.

Please, consider throwing the WTF kickstarter campaign a bone. Our goal is to raise funds to cover our very basic costs, so we can present a show for the people, by the people.